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October 12, 2022
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October 18, 2022

Mostly hotels provide electric kettle, wall-mounted hair dryer, tray and amenity box, but you will see some of the hotels provide weight scale in the room. The reason is weight scale often use in our lives and hotels want their guests to feel more at home, many hotels may offer this equipment along with other bathroom accessories. Also, we usually can see the most is electronic weight scale in hotel, hospital and other places to deliver guests a unique living experience.

Actually, most of the 5-star hotels will provide weight scales, because as people pay more and more attention to their body health and hotels believe a lot of people have a habit to step over the weight scale every morning. Therefore, when you are travelling and living in a 5-star hotel, you can expect to find a bathroom scale in your hotel room.  Creade weight scale available in stylish and portable designs, super load bearing suitable for most people.

Hotel Appliance Supplier and Distributor

1. High-precision sensor
2. Replaceable battery
3. LED screen display
4. 3KG-180KG weighing
5. Ultra-thin design
6. Tempered glass + ABS material
7. Size:300*300*26.5mm Pcs/ctn: 10pcs


  • Suitable for residential and commercial use, eg: residential, hospitality industry, hotel & motel.
  • Anti-slip design and super load bearing max up to 180kg.
  • Very accurate weighing results with three weighing modes.
  • To maintain your healthy body and healthy life.

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