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Attracting Right Guests with Amenities

No matter what type of property your hotel is, your objective is to make sure hotel guests have a cozy establishment for overnight and how to cater their unique needs during their stay. There are different guest types from different demographics, other countries and also various age groups.

1. Business Travellers

Hotels can prepare early on-the-go breakfast and transportation, amenities like modern furnishing as well as in-house restaurant that able to provide convenience to them. Business Travellers will always be looking for high-speed internet, computer desk, wall outlets so they able to easily plugin and charge their devices and gadgets.

2. Young Travellers

They are love to share every aspect of their trip with their friends on social media. Hotel amenities such as electric kettles, trays and amenity boxes with modern designs that match the stylish interior design will attract them to take pictures and upload on social media. This is also a free advertisement method to gain more attentions. Young people love to travel everywhere, so make sure hotel prepare plenty of maps on hand to help and show them some beautiful and nice places.

3. Honeymooner

Honeymooners might be willing to spend more time in their hotel room. To help set the right ambiance and mood for these guests, a breakfast tray in bed is nice, just deliver one of their most cherished honeymoon moments and create a romantic vibe. Other great ideas include chocolates, a bottle of red wine to leave deep impression for honeymooners.

4. Families

Taking a trip with one’s family, especially children, is always an adventure. Parent with young children often consider their hotel room is safe and child-friendly. Hotels can put some Milo and serve with amenity box as well as electronic kettle tray set, because children will like it.

5. Long Weekend Getaway Crowd

This group of guests is usually unscrupulous and playful during the trip, so the hotel must ensure that the hotel supplies they require such as hygiene dispenser, soap, shampoo, towel and etc are sufficient to let them stay fresh and feeling nice while there. Hotels can offer them flexible check in and check out options, because they might be late and sneak out before the sun for their next big adventure.