How To Organize A Hotel Business
October 12, 2022

Hotel room appliances are important such as electric kettle, hygiene dispenses, hair dryer, tray & amenity box and so on, they can help your guests save more luggage space and time during their stay. Guest experience and satisfaction could affect the performance of hotel, and they show how you differentiate yourself from competitors.

1. Electric Kettle

Electric kettles are great way to make your different types of beverages and also instant cup noodles to taste better in less than a minute. With temperature control, electric kettle is the perfect hotel amenity for brewing coffee and tea.

It is suitable for large family who stay in hotel room with their children, because electric kettles are designed for safe and easy way to use. They have anti-dry protection and will automatically shut-off to stop the boiling process. Also, these electric appliances also use low heat technology instead of electricity gas burner, so the kettles will protect you from dangerous burning.

Creade kettles have been specifically designed for the hotel and hospitality industry.

2. Hair Dryer

Hair dryer always is a concern of guest who always thinking want to free out some luggage space when travelling. After a relaxed shower from hotel bathroom, people will not walk around and get some rest with soaking wet hair.

Hotel can provide every bathroom with Creade wall-mounted hair dryer, it is easily visible and smartly place it next to the mirror will be more convenient for hotel guests. Furthermore, wall-mounted hair dryer is stuck in place and difficult to be taken by other people.  

3. Hygience Dispencer

Cleanliness is the most essential action in hospitality right now, because after the pandemic in Malaysia, guests are more concerned about hygiene problems such as public health, cleanliness and sanitized. There should be greater use of hygiene dispenser like tissue paper dispenser, alcohol dispenser, hand sanitizer gel spray, foam and soap dispenser to guarantee sufficient cleanliness procedure.

These modern devices are installed with advanced motion sensor, it promotes a great sanitary environment for guests. Hotel washroom accessories are touched by so many people on a daily basis, Creade hygiene dispenser can be hugely reduced the spread of germs.

4. Tray & Amenity Box

Tray and amenity box seem not a necessary hotel accessory, but they improve a hotel room’s presentation, help things clean and tidy. Especially for hotel bathroom, having tray and amenity box underneath shampoos, soaps, conditioners and lotions can help catch residue from leaky tubes.

Besides, a well-stocked welcome tray is often the first impression item sought out by hotel guests upon entering their room. Some additional snacks, drinks and beverages can add on Creade amenity tray to show your guests how you care about their experience.